The difficulty in accessing the mortgage encountered today by the majority of potential buyers has prompted real estate operators to seek alternative forms of extension that allow families to purchase the house despite the credit crunch.

Therefore, old customs have been resumed that saw the seller directly extend the purchase price for a predetermined period, already in vogue in the first post-war period, adapting them to current times.

The purpose is essentially now to allow the buyer, who normally has a limited and insufficient advance payment to obtain a mortgage, to ‘save’ by setting aside, through a monthly payment corresponding to the rent, a sum sufficient to cover 20% of the cost of the house which is the advance generally required by banks to grant the mortgage.

A deferred sale until the balance of the sale price as in the past, but of a bridge contract capable of putting the potential buyer in the conditions of being able to buy.

The contractual formulas used can be many:

  • lease with future sale agreement
  • lease with option agreement
  • preliminary sales contract with anticipated effects
  • sale with retention of title
  • sale with mortgage bills
  • lease with redemption agreement

The contractual formula must always be customized according to the specific needs of the buyer and seller, it is clear that these contracts are improperly called rent to own , in reality they are sales contracts not necessarily linked to a lease, but the term usually used it is useful to better understand the mechanism.

  1. create space – try to make the rooms in your home visually more spacious, perhaps by removing or moving some furniture
  2. improve the lighting of your home , your home will be more cheerful. Turn on the lights and change the bulbs with others that give more light or that give a lighter shade, these are two simple measures that do not require a great expense. Another little tip, open the blinds and curtains of the house when you receive the potential buyer
  3. do small maintenance jobs , fix a leaking sink or get rid of a ruined piece of furniture, these are little things that can improve the buyer’s impression. You can be sure that his attention will be focused on the imperfections of the house
  4. install elements for energy saving , place low consumption light bulbs, a more efficient boiler and also double-glazed windows that allow you to save on heating costs
  5. remember that the house starts from the front door , be aware that the appearance of the entrance is fundamental. There are those who say that a potential buyer decides whether he wants to buy a house in the first seven seconds of the visit and for this reason it is essential to repair the small imperfections of the house
  6. pay attention to the floor , improving the condition of the floor is advisable. According to experts, the positive return could be double the necessary expenditure
  7. he takes care of the details of the bathroom and kitchen . The kitchen and bathroom are the critical points of a home. Although it is expensive to completely change them, even a superficial cleaning is essential. Whitewashing, removing any signs of mold, changing the shower curtain or toilet seat can help create a positive impression on the buyer.
  8. paint the house with neutral colors . Painting your home in bright, cheerful colors can be a good idea for a homeowner, but not everyone has the same tastes. The best choice when selling an apartment is to opt for neutral colors for the walls, which bring a feeling of warmth without being too personal.
  9. try to eliminate all possible “but” – ask for the advice of a trusted friend and with good taste to walk around the house and tell you all possible weak points because they will most likely be the same ones that will attract the buyer’s attention
  10. take care of the plants – if there is a garden or terrace with plants, it is essential that they look good and are neat and tidy. A well-kept garden will help to give the visitor the feeling that the house as a whole is in a better state.

These tips can help you make a good first impression, which is often the prelude to the birth of a serious negotiation, often presenting a home in the best conditions allows you to reduce the sales time by at least 30% compared to the norm.