What Mistakes Do People Make When Hiring Electricians In Canberra

Hiring an electrician in Canberra is a very big decision. Unfortunately, some people always have difficulty finding an electrician since they need help finding where to start or who to trust. While you can handle simple electrical issues like changing burnt-out bulbs, when you have more serious problems like overloaded outlets and faulty circuits, you will have to select the electricians you will be hiring. However, with the high number of electricians in Canberra, most homeowners and business owners find themselves hiring the wrong electricians.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you need to know what they did wrong to hire the right electricians anytime you need them. To ensure that you have an easier time selecting your electrician, we have compiled a list of mistakes that people make when hiring electricians so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Mistakes People Make When Hiring Electricians in Canberra

As mentioned earlier, hiring an electrician is always a very big deal. Therefore, you must do all you can to ensure you do everything correctly during the process. Some Of the mistakes people always make when hiring electricians in Canberra include;

  • Failing to ask for recommendations

Unfortunately, most people fail to ask for recommendations from people they trust, and instead, they hire the first electrician they come across. This is a very big mistake you are making if this is what you plan to do. Rather, asking friends, neighbours and family members about the electricians they recommend is best. Asking for recommendations always helps you select electricians who can deliver quality services to the people you trusted before. Also, it prevents you from hiring electricians who cannot be trusted. This is why you should always ask for recommendations from the people around you when looking for an electrician.

  • Hiring unlicensed and uninsured electricians

Another major mistake people must correct when hiring electricians is hiring electricians who do not have a license or insurance. It would help if you remembered that so many people call themselves electricians without proper electrical training and certifications. This is why they need an insurance cover or a license to offer their services. When you hire these electricians, in the event of a mishap in your home, you cannot hold them responsible, and they cannot compensate you for the damages that arise. The leading Canberra electrical companies make sure that their personnel have the required certifications and training before deploying them.

  • Failing to research before hiring

Today, when people want to buy products, they begin by conducting serious product reviews, market updates and customer feedback on the product they need. This should be the same case when you want to hire an electrician. Make sure that you do some research before hiring them to know about their quality of work and whether you can rely on them. However, most people end up with the wrong electricians because they need to research the electricians they find before hiring them.

  • Failing to ask about their experience level

To get an electrician who can deliver high-quality services, you must ask them about their experience level. However, this is different from what most people do, and they hire inexperienced electricians. To avoid this, ensure that you hire an electrician who has been in the field for a long time since they can handle most electrical problems perfectly.

  • Failing to inquire about emergency services

This is a common mistake among so many people hiring electricians today. Most electrical problems will occur when you least expect them, meaning they need an emergency response. For this reason, always inquire about emergency electrical services before hiring an electrician. This ensures you find an electrician you can count on in an emergency.


If you are looking for an electrician in Canberra, avoid making any of the above mistakes. Hiring the wrong electrician can be dangerous, especially if they make mistakes when handling an electrical issue in your home or building. Instead, ensure that you are working with experienced, qualified, certified, insured, licensed and reputable electricians who will ensure that any electrical issue is resolved.






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