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Why custom-made curtains make them the best buy

Many homeowners in Sydney feel that ready-to-hang curtains are the cheaper and easier option. However, store-bought curtains rarely suit everyone’s colour scheme, tastes, lifestyle, and room decor.

While settling for whatever available curtain design and colour off the shelf is quick and easy, it can also become a disappointing experience. Opting for custom-made curtains Sydney, on the other hand, provide the best aesthetics for the interior of any home.

Some of the top reasons why custom-made curtains Sydney make them the best buy include:

Personal aesthetic design

A Sydney home’s interior gets an instant aesthetic boost when opting for well-made and elegant fabrics of custom-made curtains Sydney. Good interior planning means is the way to showcase a home.

The balanced colour palette, unique patterns, and silhouettes offered by custom-made curtains achieve the epitome of style and elegance. When it comes to curtains, quality over quantity is always a win-win situation.

Saves you money in the long run

Saving money down the road is realised with the customised fabric and precise craftsmanship of customised curtains. The specific design, tailoring, and exact fit of the curtains ensure durability over the years.

While opting for customised curtains can be a little more expensive, saving money is achieved with the longevity provided. Customised curtains are meant to last longer as they use the best expert craftsmanship and materials.

Includes the necessary accessories

Window treatment accessories such as curtain tiebacks, curtain valance, and a curtain pelmet can be added to your order of customised curtains. Adding these extras provides a unique touch to the curtains.

Matching the accessories to the customised curtains provides a finished and stylish look to any room in a home. Further boosting the aesthetic appeal is to have the furnishings match the design, patterns, and colour of the customised curtains.

The right curtain rail for the curtain heading

Standard curtain headings are included in store-bought curtains. However, the headings seldom provide the perfect fit for many railings and windows of homes. The only way to pick the perfect curtain heading style from an eyelet, a double pinch pleat, or a triple pinch reverse pleat is to opt for custom-made curtains.


Curtains play an important role when it comes to window coverings. However, it is a better idea to mix aesthetics and functionality when it comes to window coverings. Achieving both style and functionality are achieved when opting for custom-made curtains.

Made-to-order curtains from Lifestyle Curtains allow you to choose the style and function you want to get in the different rooms of the home. For instance, the proper lining in custom-made blackout curtains is ideal for rooms that want light blocking or keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Other made-to-order preferences you could get from custom-made curtains include interlining, acoustic linings, blackout linings, and thermal linings. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom-made curtain choices.

Get the design and style you want

Since it’s customised, getting the curtains that you want is accessible when opting for custom-made curtains. Choosing custom-made curtains will not let you compromise on your preferred colours, patterns, and designs.

A custom-made curtain consultant is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate the curtain you want and need. The wide variety of fabrics, colour palettes, designs, and accessories available with custom-made curtains allows you multiple options.